The statistics on marriage these days can be intimidating to those who are looking to get engaged or married. They can look even more daunting to couples that are unhappy with the way their current marriage is. Most people want a successful, happy marriage and yet many let their marriage suffer for a long time before getting any help.

Unhappiness in your marriage affects more than just you and your spouse, though. It impacts your children, your family, your friends and your performance at work. Marriages that result in divorce have significant impact on the outcome of many other areas of life.

Why let your marriage and surrounding life suffer, then, any more? Marriage counseling and family therapy are more effective when they’re used proactively and before reaching “the end”. While it will still be helpful then, your odds are much better if you handle things early on. In counseling you will begin to heal past hurts, let go of resentments, learn new skills, improve communication, and restore intimacy. 

A few of my specialties:

  • Pre Engagement/Pre-Marital Counseling: Fix things before they’re ever broken and start the next phase of your relationship off strong. We will identify what differences and patterns in your lives are likely to become obstacles to your future success as a couple.
  • Marriage Counseling: Take your marriage to the next level or bring it back to it’s former greatness. You and your spouse will learn more effective communication tools, new ways of approaching one another, discover unmet needs and hopes, and will learn about how your emotions impact the other individual.
  • Divorce Recovery Counseling: You and your spouse have decided that divorce is the right option for you. There is much healing to be done when coping with the loss of not only a partner, but of dreams and plans that had been made, the perceived loss of a shared history and a new sense of instability. Heal and discover yourself so that you can go on to being the best version of yourself.
  • Affair Recovery Counseling: There was an indiscretion in your marriage and a break in the trust that defines a solid relationship. You and your partner have decided that the overall good of your relationship is more important than the affair and you want to work together to heal the broken bond. Affair recovery will help you deal with both the significance of the affair itself and the underlying causes that led to the affair itself. We will work together to lessen resentment, increase trust, and build a healthier relationship.